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瑞士盛世宝公司 Saxobran GmbH 特种纸工艺介绍
- 2019-12-05-

With more then 40 years of experience in the Wet-Laid-Nonwoven and Paper world we act as a specialist consultancy and supply Product Technology and Contract Development work for the Industrial Papers and Wet Laid Nonwovens industries world wide.




SAXOBRAN focuses on advanced materials formed from high performance synthetic and natural fibres for many industrial applications.


We are experienced with the processing of advanced fibres :


²  Viscose, Lyocell, Met- and Para-Aramid,

²  Poly-Aramids / PPS / Poly-Imids, Carbon, Glass,

²  PET/ PA / Acrylics / PE/ PP, Co-Polymer fibres,

²  performance Wood Pulps, Abaca, EFB and others.

²  粘胶纤维,利赛纤维,对位和间位芳纶,

²  聚芳酰胺/PPS/聚酰亚胺,碳和玻璃纤维,

²  PET/PA/PE/PP 丙烯酸树脂,共聚物纤维,

²  高性能木浆,马尼拉麻浆,棕榈浆等


SAXOBRAN gained extensive manufacturing experience in forming high performance fibres into papers and nonwovens meeting demanding product specifications. Typical applications are:

SAXOBRAN 在如何使用高性能纤维生产并转化为符合高要求的纸张和无纺产品上有着独到的经验,典型的应用涵盖如下:

Ø  Filter Media, Substrates for separation Membranes,

Ø  过滤材料,超滤、纳滤、反渗透过滤膜支撑体

Ø  Li-Ion and NiMH Battery- and Capacitor- and Super-Capacitor Separator substrates

Ø  锂和镍氢电池隔膜-电解电容器-超级电容器纸原纸

Ø  Fuel Cell Diffusion layers and Separators

Ø  燃料电池扩散和分离层

Ø  Nonwoven's for Structural Composites (Glas- PET- Aramid-, etc.)

Ø  用于结构复合材料(玻璃纤维-PET-芳纶- 等)的无纺产品

Ø  Electrical Insulation Materials low and high Voltage applications, circuit board substrates.

Ø  低高压应用的电气绝缘材料,线路板基底

Ø  Application Tapes for Roboter assembly in mass production plants (automotive).

Ø  (汽车行业)批量生产中用于机器人组装线的应用胶带


How we work


We work closely with clients through the product development phase, Pilot prototyping and assist in the manufacturing scale up. We assist finally in marketing of the finished product.


This includes:具体包括:

    -  Designing products and processes compatible with clients manufacturing capability.


-  Recommendation for the rebuild or design and start-up phase of manufacturing plant or needed plant upgrade.


-  Testing of fibre compositions on Inclined-Wire Pilot plant 550 mm, 12 to 500kg lots.


-  Running trials at customer plant


    -  Escorting the Testing and Qualifying phase of product development projects,


    -  Escorting the product at customer introduction, product fine tuning.


TEL:0533 2801410/2801460

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